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     服務理念.png  服務理念 Service idea

    “服務”、“質量”、“誠信”是軒轅一直堅持的服務理念,“專業為基、誠信為本、熱心服務、美化生活”是軒轅的經營宗旨。 軒轅的服務始終本 “著想客戶之所想、急客戶之所急”的專業精神,以真正對客戶負責的態度,建立了一整套強大而周密的服務系統,使軒轅在廣大客戶間和行業內樹立了良好的信譽 和口碑。  

    “工欲善其事,必先利其器”,這是軒轅人在曾經的失敗中吸取的教訓,軒轅人明白,只有不斷的完善施工工具及施工工藝,才能更好地解決客 戶的需求。

    軒轅特別提倡服務的“主動性”和“專業性”,所有客戶服務人員都經過嚴格的選拔和專業的培訓,為客戶提供裝修全過程的無微不至的專業化服 務;公司在內部實行“首問責任制”,任何一個員工都必須把客戶的事情放在最重要的位置上。軒轅裝飾建立了高效、快速的反饋處理系統和專門的售 后維護部,提出了“直接面對,快速反應,高效解決”的主張,一方面替客戶著想,決不推脫責任,主動的回訪和上門維護,讓顧客體會到真正的“無后顧之憂”。

    "Service", "quality" and "integrity" are the service philosophy Xuanyuan has always adhered to, "professional based, integrity-based, enthusiastic service and beautifying life" is the business purpose of Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan's service has always been based on the professional spirit of "thinking about the customer's thoughts and worrying about the customer's anxieties". With a truly responsible attitude to the customer, Xuanyuan has established a set of powerful and careful service system, which has established a good reputation among the majority of customers and in the industry.

    "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools", which is a lesson learned by Xuanyuan people from their previous failures. Xuanyuan people understand that only by constantly improving construction tools and construction technology can we better meet the needs of customers.

    Xuanyuan especially advocates the "initiative" and "professionalism" of service. All customer service personnel have undergone strict selection and professional training to provide customers with meticulous professional services in the whole process of decoration; The company implements the "first inquiry responsibility system" internally, and any employee must put the customer's affairs in the most important position. Xuanyuan decoration has established an efficient and fast feedback processing system and a special after-sales maintenance department, and put forward the proposition of "direct face, rapid response and efficient solution". On the one hand, it considers customers, never shirks its responsibility, and takes the initiative to return visits and door-to-door maintenance, so that customers can realize the real "worry free".

    服務流程.png  服務流程 Service process

    咨詢服務:電話咨詢、來訪接待  實地測量:現場測量、設計平面布置圖

    Consulting services: telephone consultation, visit reception, field survey: field survey, design layout plan


    Design communication: confirm the scheme, issue construction drawings or effect drawings and budget quotation


    Signing the contract: determine the construction drawings and materials, check the budget, and sign the construction contract


    Preliminary preparation: provide the construction schedule and construction schedule, and provide the list of materials purchased by Party A


    Mobilization Construction: Party A shall provide relevant materials, go through mobilization procedures and pay progress payment according to the provisions of the contract


    Intermediate acceptance: acceptance of materials and concealed works mobilized by Party B


    Completion acceptance: after completion, Party A, the project supervisor of the management office and the project manager shall jointly participate in the acceptance


    Warranty maintenance: Warranty within two years and lifelong maintenance

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